Naruto Arena Hack

Naruto Arena Hack

Naruto arena is a web based game that simulates the naruto & naruto shippuden anime. TopGameHax has created a naruto arena hack that will unlock all the characters including all the new characters added. This hack injects into the game server unlocking the characters in your account.

naruto arena cheats no survey


  • Unlock All Characters
  • SpeedHack
  • Skip Opponents Turn(This option is if you want all the opponents you verse not be able to attack you or defend themselves)


download here button

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  1. Thank you! Unlocked all the characters :)

  2. Can someone help? Everytime I click download here, it says I need to complete a survey, but it says invalid request, and none will comeup.

  3. Thank you! I love using the speed hack

  4. Can somebody do it for me? Please and Thanks!!

  5. can some one do it for me ‘firestorm1450′

  6. Can somrone do it for the acc the_4th_reborn

  7. can some one do it for me cristian20122

  8. Thx unlocked all characters iuv this hack!

  9. please can someone unlock all characters for me username is Nigato_Uchiha

  10. K thanks! I used the hack on some usernames that posted your welcome

  11. please can you unlock all the characters for me my username is gaarauzair

  12. can someone do it 4 me username hakipower

  13. can someone do it for me plz username:hakipower

  14. can someone unlock all the characters pls my username is rolercoster

  15. plzz do it for me username: mritchgo

    just unlock all charcaters

  16. cloudsasukecold

    can someone use the hack to get me some characters plz username:cloudsasukecold

  17. can someone do the hack for me Viper65432 thank you

  18. My user is ObitoUchiha5725
    can someone get me all the char plz

  19. por favo use na minha conta meu nome e fabiano006

  20. Can someone please use this hack on my account please???
    My username is Normanoooooo
    Please and thank you!

  21. please can someone unlock all characters for me username is CHAMAKITHOXX

  22. Can someone do it for me? My username is Chilllime

  23. Plz Can Anyone Do it For Me Thank You Alot <3 Username:SasukeCS(S)

  24. can someone hack it for me pls it would mean a lot to me :D USERNAME: IDONT

  25. My Username Please m4nusio

  26. Plz Plz can some 1 do it for me too ill be grateful. thnx . my username is RahimSyed thnx alot

  27. please can someone unlock all characters for me username is davidka987 PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. please can someone unlock all chacaracters for me ? username:YondaimeHokage77

  29. can some1 help me unlock? :(

  30. my name is syko123 thanks :)

  31. I used the program hack on some of your characters. Your welcome!

  32. plzzzzz i want to unlock this so badly plz do it for me RahimSyed

  33. plz anyone unloc all the characters my username is gaarauzair thank you

  34. help ? my username is syko123

  35. [url=]AvILbtLA[/url]

  36. Thanks. Hack worked for me. I used it for some of you guys that wanted unlocks.

  37. can someone please do it for me? or at least give me the password for the hack. username is alexac9

  38. guys can you help me too? i couldn’t download. my username is iamhorror

  39. can someone please do it for brenkuto24

  40. PLz… help me … My username is Roly_polY…. Plz… i want to unlock all characters in naruto arena ,,,, so,,

  41. plz my naruto arena name is zawyehtet you send to hack software plz!!!

  42. can you please unlock the caracthers at my account ? the account names is pupaza.

  43. Pls help me it unlock characters at me username: effect47

    unlock character at acc effect47 pls :/

  44. pls unlock all my characters pls i cant download the hack me nick is konyari pls !!

  45. plz help me my ac name is zawyehtet

  46. hi naruto arena hack how to fast and easy download

  47. My user name is kylakunn hack my characters please.

  48. Plz unlock all characters

  49. PLZ unlock all chraracters
    id haterloveme

  50. Please unlock all characters
    id haterloveme
    Thank you !

  51. I need help My name is NFL47 pls help me and i will help you and message me on naruto arena it NFL47 so pls help me.

  52. username: uuuuuu

  53. how did you download it pls tell me

  54. please someone help me my username is thedeadman1

  55. pls help me,picaciu777

  56. Can someone please do it for me I cant get it to download the last part and it bugs me :'(. Can someone be nice and help me out :) Username: dannylpx2

  57. plz hack my acc : youyou111

  58. help me my username is gaarauzair

  59. can some1 do it for me im bennytwistburst

  60. can some1 do it for me im bennytwistburst tks reallyneed it

  61. Thank you! Naruto arena hack works great. Especially speed hack. Unlocked characters for some of you to help :)

  62. Thx mate. Used this on naruto arena. I laugh every time I beat a noob

  63. Unlocked all characters. Im beating everyone haha

  64. my user is ovan963 can some1 unlock characters 4 me or tell me where 2 download software plz.

  65. Can someone hack for me username olujabg(hack all characters)

  66. pls for me to my username is : sebylle139

  67. Please unlock all character for my mu usernam is chris45

  68. where is adownload website link? replay me

  69. Thanks! I got 5 people to click my link and got the hack. works perfect

  70. Used speed hack and unlocked all powerful characters

  71. Choji-Butterfly

    Choji-Butterfly plz someone

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